Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Splank! said the Cthulhu Kids Part 1

Imagine a crossover comic.  You take the cosmic horror of the Lovecraft Mythos, with its secret cults worshiping giant inhuman and uncaring gods and you mix them with, Billy Bunter, The Bash Street Kids and (really checking how old our readers are) Whacko!.

That's the premise of The Cthulhu Kids, a new comic from Sector 13 editor Peter Duncan and Galaxafreaks artist Andrew Pawley which is currently the subject of a Kickstarter Campaign that still has 16 days to run.

"It seemed obvious", Peter said,  "the Great Old Ones must have had kids and we guessed they wouldn't be all that well behaved.  So it seems likely they'd be packed of to something very similar to an English Public School where they would be kept nice and quiet and out of the way.  And that's what Cthulhu Kids is all about".

Featuring the cosmic after effects of inter-college sports and the devastating impact of a school performance of "The King in Yellow', Cthulhu Kids has been a labour of love for both creators.  Combining their twin obsessions of the Cthulhu Mythos and the british humour comics they read as kids they've come up with something that is pretty weird and really funny.

The Kickstarter, run expertly by Andrew Pawley, a veteran of many campaigns for his own Galaxafreaks comics,  has rewards that go from £2 up to £499 depending on whether you just want a pdf of the final comic or fancy appearing in the comic as the President of the United Cults of Pangea.  

There are some great limited offers, including posters, prints and membership of Kid Cthulhu's Mythos Madness Club.  There are very limited edition 3d printed, hand-painted models of the star of the show, Kid Cthulhu himself and the chance to get Andrew to draw a personalised Cthulhu Kids Sketch Cover.

The comic originated from an offer on one of Andrew's previous Kickstarter Campaigns.  Peter paid to have a two page Cthulhu Kids comic strip done for another of his projects.  Andrew saw that there was a lot more to be done with the kids and so the partnership was born.   

Mr President, but for how long?
The guys have had a blast working on this and even if it had kept Peter from working on Sector 13 for a while, we think its a great project.   

Check it out at the Kickstarter page and throw a few quid at them.  You won't regret it.

For more information look at Peter's web-site for details of the Cthulhu Kids and the other comics projects he's involved with.  And while you are at it, look at Andrew's previous comics on his Galaxafreaks web-page.   They're something just a little different!

Cthulhu Kids Kickstarter       

Box of Rain Mag, Peter Duncan's Web-Page 

Andrew Pawley's Galaxafreaks Comics

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