Monday, 5 March 2018

Zarjaz 30

Dan Cornwell's impressive cover to Zarjaz 30

Just out is the thirtieth issue of Zarjaz, the 2000 AD fanzine from Futurequake Press.  Its a great achievement to produce 30 issues of a fanzine, especially one as consistently entertaining as this one.   Peeps and his pals should be very proud of this achievement.

It's an all Dreddworld issue this time round, with a good variation in stories and featuring some old favs and a few surprises.  It begins with an excellent cover from Dan Cornwell, who made his 2000 AD debut in Prog 2045 and was the artist on one of the best self-published series of the past couple of years, Rok of the Reds.  

L. Nicoletta art on Kevin McHugh's Devlin Waugh story

McAuliffe and Cassidy!
From there we have stories featuring Dredd, Hershey and Devlin Waugh and a great strip by McAuliffe and Cassidy that I'm not going to say too much about.   Except that it was nice to see the Dandy and Beano influences in there.   

The stories by Alan Holloway and Edward Whatley were stand-outs for me.  Dan Goodfellow's art over Alan's script was stylish and effective and moved a simple but profound story forward quickly and effectively.  

Edward Whatley's art job on his own script is the highlight of the issue, his splash page alone marks his script out as something special.
An old friend in Edward Whatley's strip.

Zarjaz 30 is a great issue, at 48 A5 pages in black and white it's available from their website here for £3.00 plus postage and packing.   And on behalf of those of us involved in the production of Sector 13, our own 2000AD fanzine can I say again how much we appreciate the help and support of  Dave and the guys in publishing our own zine.   

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