Thursday, 28 December 2017

Meet the Mad Hatter!

Before we get into full swing in the new year with some more of Chris McAuley's interview with one of the 'fathers of 2000AD', Pat Mills, another in our series of posts highlighting the creative activities of Sector House 13 members.  This time round we're looking at Jay Snyder, a creator of wondrous objects and the proprietor of The Mad Hatter's Steampunk Emporium.

As he'll explain himself, Jay is a keen cosplayer and we look forward to our regular previews of his latest creations at our monthly meetings in the Parlour Bar in Belfast.  (last Friday in the month, lest you forget).

You can check out, and even buy some of Jay's creations at his web-site and see even more of his dazzling creations, but in the meantime just take a quick look at our startling gallery of photographs and read some of Jay's own words about himself..

Jay Snyder, The Mad Hatter Himself.
You may know me as the mad hatter but others call me Jay Snyder (the cider hider). I have humble origins, born in Dartford, Kent and moving to Essex at the age of 6 with my Mater and Pater. My alternative tastes developed from an early age, with my love of comics and fantasy. 2000 A.D. and Judge Dredd being two my favourites.

I started making costumes for fancy dress at the age of 14/15, with my first being Friar Tuck for a fancy dress. As Halloween rolled around each year, I evolved into recreating classic horror characters, such as Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula and Creature from the Black Lagoon.

In 1995, I moved to the green pastures of Northern Ireland where I honed my skills of costume design ( and hiding cider) with another Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster.
Custom Cosplay weapons

From 2012 the mad hatter has been attending comic cons throughout Northern Ireland, finding inspiration for his next masterpiece. Suffice to say I felt quite at home surrounded by all my fellow nerds. Some of the costumes I premiered here were Rorschach from Watchmen and The Mad Hatter (my usual attire, of course).
More of Jay's Weapons

With my history, I think you can guess how my love of Hat making came about. So in August of 2014 The Mad Hatters Steampunk Emporium opened.

So there we are, a quick look round the strange world of our very own Mad Hatter. Do check out out Jay's web-site and if you come along to one of our meetings ask to see some of the pictures of his latest creations.  He's always happy to talk you through his process and the details of his amazing designs.

The address of Jay's website, where you can see many more photographs of his hats, weapons and cosplay costumes is...
 ...and do tell him we sent you. 

Any other Sector 13 members with creative activities, please contact the editor of the blog at and we'll highlight it here. 

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  1. Love Jays work. He created a fabulous catwoman mask for me which I wore with delight . Each of his pieces are unique in their design and detail. Super guy and super hats.