Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Welcome to Sector 13

Welcome to the first post on Sector 13, a new Blog put together by the members of the Belfast based collection of 2000AD fans, ‘Sector House 13: The Pitcrew’.  The group, who meet on a monthly basis in the Parlour Bar in Belfast, has grown over the past year into as strong and active a group of comics fans as you’ll find anywhere.

Cover of the Ultra-Rare First Print of Sector 13. 
We recently began publication of our own non-profit fanzine, also called ‘Sector 13’, featuring strips inspired by the characters and stories from more than forty years of 2000AD.  The first issue, which went on sale at the Enniskillen Comics festival on the first weekend in May this year, provided a showcase for local writers and artists at an event which included as its guests some of the most important creators in the history of The World’s Greatest Comic.
A unique photo-strip, allowed us to involve the cosplayers in our group in a story which showed their fantastic costumes in a totally new way.   

Members stepped forward to help out with organisation, distribution and the technical preparation of our publication for printing.  

And that, in a nutshell, is the philosophy behind Sector House 13.  Our aim is to be a group of people who work together to achieve something, we want to involve as many members of the group as possible in using their individual talents to provide a medium to publish and publicise the great work they are capable of.

Sector 13, the Blog, is our next step.  Here we will feature reviews, articles and photographs from some of our members who do not write or draw comics but who have something to say.   In general, posts will revolve around 2000AD and related comics but we will also carry announcements of projects our members are involved in or achievements they may make make.

You can find more details of the Group on our Facebook page and if you have any ideas for reviews or articles for the blog then please contact us via the editorial e-mail address   

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